Smart Tactics to Achieve a User Friendly Web Business Site

If you want to gain a strong edge over your competition, or some of it, then assess your site’s user friendliness factor. Naturally, you need to know what to look for and what it all means. Once you learn all that is involved with this, then you can go about making it happen. To complement this effort, you need to have analytics in place so you can test out different approaches.

Today is just the beginning of another part of your journey in online marketing, so let’s get started.

You might not understand what “above the fold” means but, in this regard, it means what is immediately visible when you visit a website. This is before any scrolling of any kind happens. The above the fold space is where your most important information and page elements ought to be. That space is for the things that are important for your visitors to see before they are able to move on to something else. This all makes perfect sense but too many sites can drop the ball with this. Make sure you understand just how well your website does in this regard. Redesign your home page if you have to do it because it’s that important. Remember the most important first thing you want to convey is what you have to offer. This is a bit unusual but the search form is something that all users have been conditioned to see – so maybe avoid a theme that doesn’t have it. If you think the search field would be better off elsewhere, then see about moving it. Including items that are just a convenience is very important for creating a positive impression. Just like you should check your links with something to ensure they’re working, do the same manually with this. These are the things that everybody with a blog should do, and the majority probably don’t do this one.

An official privacy policy is something that people come to expect to see, and it’s good to have them from a legal standpoint. If you want you can go ahead and make appropriate changes to it so it applies better to your business and website. It really does not matter where you put them, more or less, so this is your decision. If you want, you can make the links a lighter shade so they don’t stand out so much and distract people.

It is important to avoid things like optimizing for user friendliness or thinking that user friendliness is a universal idea even though the concepts are often that way. You might need to apply a few changes, depending upon who is in your audience. There are always exceptions to every rule so perhaps you’ll be able to get away with things that would normally trip up others.